nemu nemu Plush - KOTAROU - The Fox - Size L - 52 cm View larger

nemu nemu Plush - KOTAROU - The Fox - Size L - 52 cm

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EXTRA SOFT PLUSH : KOTAROU, the lively and intelligent Dog who is always happy! With its soft coat and ears on the lookout, KOTAROU is the ideal companion for little scoundrels!

SUPER MELLOW : You've never seen such a mellow plush. Thanks to its unique padding, this plush is a real "Hug Pillow". Try it, and you will love it.

RELAXING EFFECT: Imagined in Japan, this plush is known for its relaxing and soothing properties.

COLLECTIBLE PLUSH: Also available in Plush Size "S" (Small / Baby Size)

WASHING ADVICE: Wahsing Machine 30° with tumble dry. In order to keep its softness, hand washing is recommended.

ENCHANTING BRAND: Enter TROUSSELIER's magical world: music boxes, jewelry boxes, nightlights, soft toys, musical mobiles, rattles... that will rock your little ones' childhood.

TROUSSELIER - NEMU NEMU Plush - Kotarou the Shiba dog - Hug Pillow - Ultra soft - Size L - 52 cm

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