nemu nemu - BUBULU - Le Bulldog - Trousse - 23 cm View larger

nemu nemu - BUBULU - Le Bulldog - Trousse - 23 cm

JX1 03

PEN POUCH: Ideal for storing small treasures, marbles, candies and gadgets!

BACK BAG ATTACH: This 26 cm high PEN POUCH is incomparably soft, you will never be able to part with it. Equipped with a small chain, it will follow you on all your travels. It is ideal for hiding your treasures.

RELAXING EFFECT: Designed in Japan, this TROUSSELIER is a hit in Recreation Classes. TO COLLECT: available in plush format in: Different sizes.

WASHING ADVICE: In order to keep its softness, hand washing is recommended.

TROUSSELIER - PEN POUCH - Backpack Attachment - Bulldog - Bubulu - 26 cm - NEMU NEMU - Ultra soft.

20,79 €

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